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make me choose → killian’s tongue or and eyebrows? (asked by captainnnicole)

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Me and my sibling can go from




in like three seconds 


on a scale from disney to dreamworks what’s your sibling relationship



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"you don’t know me, charlotte"

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ok thanks


ok thanks

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its funny how people in fandoms think theyre comedic geniuses for ruining text posts


i think youre ugly and so are your fandom references on my posts


you guys love poking bears with sticks don’t you




This entire post is perfect.

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People are more inclined to give Rumple&Regina an exclusive free pass for viciously ruthless atrocities because redemption and sympathy are for privileged women and empowered men, not for orphaned misguided rebels like Killian/Hook. It's been the case with the societal mentality for centuries&said mentality affects people's perception of fiction/media. Rumple&Regina are not so much justified as they are GLAMORIZED. Killian is self aware thus lacks escapist glam of Evil Queens/Dark Sorcerers.




Killian is reduced to a bastard when he’s the only villain to show real regret and to be trying on his own to change, not because something bad happened to him or because his plans got stopped. He realized on his own what was worth it and what wasnt.

Killian has the incredible capacity to go from heartless pirate and to the once young naive and vulnerable lieutenant, the good man in one episode. What I love about the Jolly Roger, is that even though he probably gave it up for Emma at some point, he still tells Ariel that even if he were empty and heartbroken, nothing could have justified what he did. He isn’t trying to look up for excuses the way Regina/Rumple/Neal do, but he takes the blame and show regrets, guilt.

He’s a good man trying to get back to a better version of himself, making mistakes along the way. He realizes on his own that his life is empty, he doesn’t need babysitting or redemption from someone else, he finds it on his own, sparked by his love for a woman, but not created by Emma. It’s because of her, sparked because of Emma, without making her the redemption he needs. 

It’s a work on himself and I have yet to see that with other villains.

But that, is also why I don’t consider him a villain like Rumple, Regina, COra or Zelena


Sarah (celticmoonbeams) made an excellent point the other day. Out of all the “villains” of the show, Killian Jones is the simplest/most human because he is essentially selfish. It’s easier to relate to someone who agrees to help someone (say find something important to them), but then backs out for selfish reasons. His “evil” hits closer to home because it’s on a smaller, more personal scale. We are less likely to resort to mass murder or kidnapping to get something we want or meet some desired end than we are to renege on a promise.

As a fandom, we have seen Regina kill and rape, and seen her order the murder of an entire village; we have seen Rumplestiltskin coerce a young woman to leave her home to be his servant, abandon his child, and use the darkest and unholiest of magics to satisfy his personal needs. These a grand, dramatic gestures of villainy, something we have not seen on screen with Killian Jones. People are made uncomfortable by his sins because they hit so close to home. It is improbable perhaps, but not impossible, that an act of selfishness or lack of compassion could lead to the suffering or death of another person. If you want a good analogy, think of Killian Jones’ attempt to regain the Jolly Roger (and with it, his status as the fearsome Captain Hook) as an addict taking up his addiction again or an alcoholic drinking before driving. He knows that he shouldn’t, but he allows himself to have a moment of weakness and reverts to old behaviors. In Killian’s mind, his addiction (to piracy, to revenge, to the discompassionate life he allowed himself to lead before he met Emma Swan) cost Eric his life and Ariel her chance at a happy ending, rather like a drunk driver hitting and killing another person.

It’s the relatability of Killian’s situation, in my opinion, that truly sets people off about him. He’s not truly evil, but then, most people would say that they are not evil either. This is why the anti-hook portion of the fandom is so adamant about their insistence on extra-canon “evidence” for Hook being a rapist, a misogynist, a mass murderer, a thug; they WANT him to be irredeemable and unrepentant like Pan or Zelena, so they create a backstory that is inconsistent with the facts/canon as we know them. They tar him with a darker brush than even Rumple or Regina are painted with, because it is easier to dismiss the feelings and actions of that Supreme Evil as being part of their wicked scheming. If he is “truly” without remorse or restraint in his depravity, then he deserves no compassion, kindness, and consideration.

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Real Madrid C.F. | CAMPEONES Copa del Rey ‘14
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